The Australian War Memorial has nearly 300 volunteers actively contributing to it’s mission to assist Australians to remember, interpret and understand the Australian experience of war and its enduring impact on Australian society. Volunteers perform a wide variety of jobs at the Memorial both at the front-of-house and working behind the scenes.

Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds including students, retirees, parents, grandparents and many have served or have links to the military. Others simply enjoy interacting with visitors and sharing the stories of our nation.

The Memorial's volunteer programs draw much interest from the local Canberra community. Recruitment processes are conducted throughout the year as and when volunteers are required for specific areas. The Volunteers Coordinator records the details of applications received and notifies those who have expressed an interest in volunteering when an intake is due to begin.

Volunteers receive appropriate training relevant to their work, unless they have been recruited because of a special skill they possess. Training periods vary from 2-3 afternoon sessions, up to a 6-month training period for the voluntary guides. Training is provided by expert Memorial staff, such as curators, historians and educators, together with a mixture of guest speakers with expertise in special areas.

All volunteers receive invitations to ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day ceremonies and are eligible for discounts at the Memorial Shop, the Terrace and the Landing Place cafés, as well as being able to attend the various military history lectures organised by the Australian War Memorial.

Volunteer Positions Available

E-Sales Volunteer

The Australian War Memorial is seeking volunteers to assist in the E-Sales Department. This role includes packaging electronic orders including War Memorial publications, DVD’s, gifts, models, figurines, posters and clothing.

Role: Packaging E-Sales orders and delivering to the mailroom

Vols: 1 volunteer per day

Hours: 3 – 4 hrs per day

Criteria: Physically able to pack small parcels. Label and deliver to lower levels of the building for postage (trolley available)

Contact  Julie Sunley, phone: 6243 4550 or email:

For further information about volunteering at the Memorial please contact the Human Resources Section or telephone (02) 6243 4550.

Further applications for 2014 have now closed, however if you would like to register your interest for 2015 please complete the Application form

Volunteer Application.pdf (26.5 kb)
and email it to